Ivo Velitchkov, author of ‘Essential Balances’ – Belgium

Ivo Velitchkov – author of ‘Essential Balances: Stop Looking and Start Seeing What Makes Organizations Work’

I consider myself lucky to have worked with Rob on my book Essential Balances. For me, as a non-native speaker and not living in an English-speaking country, collaborating with a good editor is a must. But I’m annoyingly picky as to how exactly something is put and very selective on when to block and when to invite interpretations. And I know first-hand the regular editor’s service. You get a report and invitation to call when something is unclear. Rob’s service is very far from that. He’s patient enough to understand the intention at the macro and micro scale and then works with you to realise it. Working on a book about balances, it was a pleasure to get such a balanced service – neither the typical hands-off, nor anything approaching the opposite, intervention. In my book, the struggle I had was to preserve rigour while making the text as readable and accessible as possible. And Rob, who has both deep and wide knowledge, and the empathy to read with the eyes of somebody who’s lacking them, was up to the challenge of this tension.

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